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^^^ welcome to an irksome winter ^^^

Am 1. November 2016 sind wir bei der Er*Sie* Woche „Welcome to the jungle“ in Hannover eingeladen!

Besucht uns am 26. November 2016 bei „Queeres Verlegen“ in Berlin: http://www.queeres-verlegen.org/


You can get a copy at Silver Future, Weserstraße 206, Berlin! Or write us an email!

„Who Cares?“ hinterfragt „sich kümmern“ als Frauen*rolle innerhalb der Geschichte des Kapitalismus. Wir begegnen Frauen*bildern wie der Hexe*, der Hure*, der Mutter* und der Hysterikerin*. Wir erfinden Experimente, die zu anderen Umgängen mit Für_Sorge inspirieren. Wir brechen mit Karriere und Identitätsdruck, streiken mit Trauer, diskutieren Konzepte von Freundschaft, Liebe und Mitgefühl – auf der Suche nach Visionen antikapitalistisch feministischer Zukunft.

„Who Cares?“ questions „care“ as part of being woman* in the history of capitalism. We confront images of the witch*, the whore*, the mother* and the hysteric*. We invent experiments that inspire us to care differently. We challenge constraints of career and identity, go on strike with grief, discuss concepts of friendship, love and compassion – searching for an anticapitalist feminist future.


You can get a copy at Silver Future, Weserstraße 206, Berlin! Or write us an email!

About „Hysterical Experiments“
Can hysteria be a tool in the anticapitalist struggle? What does hysteria have to do with the uterus, with child bearing or creativity? What does the herstory of hysteria have to do with being called hysterical today? What can we learn from Anna O.? Does hysteria have a heritage? In the medical, the cultural, the colloquial field, a heritage of resistance? Why are all these people talking about my body? The publication is a collective work trying to redefine the possibilities of what it can mean to be hysterical. It aims at disturbing common understandings of hysteria while sticking to an experimental approach.

The Irksome Institute investigates capitalist and patriarchal rationalities and works towards an anticapitalist feminist future. We are dedicated to an experimental approach: Our theoretical investigations and political analyses always relate to our personal lifes and relationships. We aim at connecting them in our writing.

Contact: theirksome (at) gmail.com